Nutrition Coach

What is a Nutrition Coach exactly?

In a nutshell, Carly works alongside people to help them eat, move and live better. Some people ask for help and advice for weight loss, to improve their athletic performance or feel it is time for a lifestyle reset.

It is really hard to do those things on your own. 

Many people have a history of dieting, hopping from one fad to the next in an attempt to shift pounds fast. Some work in the short term, but can leave you feeling defeated, and picking up some unhelpful thoughts around food that linger into the next diet.

If you are training for a race or other athletic competition, it is important to make sure your body is fuelled for the training and able to recover well. It is impossible to out train a bad diet, and unless we care for ourselves properly, we will be asking more of it than it is able to deliver. If you are preparing well in the gym, it is helpful to know how to prepare well in the kitchen!

Whether you are feeding yourself or a family, eating well can feel like one too many plates to spin amidst a busy life! There is so much going on, places to be, work to do and children to see to. Food can become another stress point. Guilt free solutions can be found as you work out a plan together.

If you recognise yourself in any of these scenarios, then get in touch and Carly can begin to map a journey that will help you eat, move and live better.