Personal Trainer & Sports Therapist

She may be small in stature but sports therapist, NASM personal trainer and fully-qualified biomechanics coach, Becky has a big personality with stacks of experience when it comes to improving the fitness, mobility and flexibility of her clients!

Becky’s ‘hands-on’ approach to sports therapy begins with a full bio-mechanics assessment to look at how you move, evaluate your range ofmotion and identify any existing or potential issues. From there, she will create a bespoke treatment plan specifically designed to rehabilitate any injuries, prevent injuries and release any knots or adhesions in your muscles to relieve tension and tightness and improve blood flow.

From age-group athletes running, cycling and swimming their way through the week to individuals who lead a more sedentary lifestyle, regular sports therapy sessions with Becky will ensure that your musculoskeletal system is performing at an optimum.

But it’s not just sports therapy that Becky has a passion for. She also specialises in pre- and post-pregnancy Pilates and her body conditioning and themed aerobics classes have a legendary status amongst Platinum members! She’s also a highly accomplished dancer having competed in numerous national competitions over the years. Keen to pass on her toe-tapping knowledge and inspire others, in her spare time Becky teaches ballet, tap and aerobics to local youngsters.

So, if you’ve got a recurring calf strain, trouble with a tendon or you simply want a monthly muscular MOT, give Becky a call on and she’ll have you moving more freely in no time!